Commercial Real Estate – Brokerage Services

Commercial real estate transactions can be very complex and should only be handled by those experienced in the many facets of the commercial real estate industry.  When buying, selling, or managing commercial property you can put yourself at great risk by using an agent with little or no experience.  An agent who is primarily focused on residential likely will not have the knowledge base that is necessary when dealing with commercial real estate.

At Lynn Real Estate Solutions, our entire focus is commercial real estate!  We spend every moment learning, talking, marketing and thinking about commercial real estate!

Our group has experience with and offers access to a large network of professionals with experience in various disciplines associated with commercial real estate.  LRES applies those proficiencies and network to every project!

Lynn Real Estate Solutions, LLC acts in the interests of companies, institutions, and individuals to acquire, divest or lease commercial real estate. LRES is immersed in commercial real estate and can identify commercial real estate shifts and assess opportunities to discover the best site possible under the most advantageous terms obtainable for your business. The LRES team includes knowledgeable licensed professionals with proficiency in a broad scope of commercial real estate specialty areas including office, manufacturing, warehouse, retail, land, medical, institutional, investment, mixed-use, and multi-family.

If you have any further commercial real estate questions please call or email us to consult with our team of CRE professionals!