When Selling Commercial Real Estate


Working with a Broker:

The broker has many jobs that go well beyond just marketing and some of those fall well
outside the skill sets of “general practitioner” brokers that don’t focus on commercial real
estate. There are countless stories of how sellers and buyers of commercial real estate
have lost tens of thousands of dollars due to their decision to try to negotiate the industry
on their own or hiring a broker with little or no experience in commercial real estate.
Commercial real estate is vastly different from residential real estate. A lack of knowledge
regarding environmental issues, leases, sales contracts, construction review, etc. can get
you in trouble. The best way to protect yourself is by using a qualified commercial real
estate broker in combination with a reputable attorney. A good broker will really take the
time to talk with the seller about their property. Knowing about all of the seller’s positive
memories and reasoning for buying and owning the property is important as these details
can be used as leverage within the marketing campaign.

Considering the sale of commercial real estate? 

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